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Computer Virus Protection

Virus Protection

Conceptual Overview

Imagine having contact with many human beings, getting certain level of connection with every single one of them, every single day of your life. You can imagine that, eventually, you will get sick if you don’t have some precautions (washing your hands, getting your vaccines, keeping your distance, etc.).
When computers interact with other computers, some of them can have a Computer Virus, so they too can get infected, just like us! (sort of).
A Computer Virus is software with malicious intent that replicates itself by modifying other computer programs and inserting its own code. There are many methods in which a computer can get a virus, and there are different Computer Viruses that can have different negative effects on a computer, like accessing private information (your credit card too!), corrupting data (say goodbye to the pictures of your kids), spamming your e-mail contacts, or leaving your computer useless.

Available Methods

Some methods that can help you clean your computer from Viruses, or just to protect it against getting one are:
·         Keep your software up to date
o   Sometimes software has bugs that can be exploited by hackers, which could be used to infect your computer.
·         Don’t click/respond to strange emails
o   I’m sorry to tell you, but the Wife of the President of Uganda isn’t contacting you to give you 100 million dollars; you also didn’t win the Bill Gate’s foundation for 50 billion dollars.
·         Use an antivirus software
o   It’s a program designed to detect and remove viruses from computers and other threats.
·         Use a Firewall
o   A system designed to prevent unauthorize access to or from a private network.
·         Download only from verified places
o   Maybe restrain from downloading that movie from a webpage that has 10 different download buttons.

Best Practices

The methods mentioned above, help you protect or remove Viruses from your computer, but you can also do other things to keep your computer away from viruses or to avoid the damages of being infected by a virus:
·         Regularly Back Up your computer
o   Imagine being able to rewind to the day before you got sick, you could avoid doing the things that got you sick in the first place.
·         Use a Strong password
o   1234 or your dog’s name is not enough, you can use software that manages your passwords and create a complex one harder to be hacked.
·         Use an Ad-Blocker (or pop-up blocker)
o   Some sites love filling your browser with pop-ups, these can lead to your computer to having Virus, so why not avoid them all at once?

Further Reading

If you were to have sex with a stranger, you would use protection. So why not have the same precautions for your computer? If you’re interested in reading more about computer viruses and how to stay safe, you can read the next material, or search more on the topic on your own, just be careful!

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